Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC

BBC Mandarin Class Klang ​

How do we conduct BBC Mandarin Class Klang ​

This book has total of 180 pages & this is the first part.
Read the slides & watch the videos, then submit your homework.

Part 1 : Vowels & Tones

Part 2 : Consonants

Part 3 : Pronunciation

Part 4 : Pronouns

Part 5 : Self-introduction

Please record an audio / video of yourself saying these sentences in Mandarin & click here to submit your homework 

Q1: What is your name?
A1: My name is _____

Q2: How old are you?
A2: I am ____ years old

Q3: Where do you live?
A3: I live in _______

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does every BBC student can speak Mandarin in 6-12 months… ?

A: NO…Not every student can speak Mandarin in 6-12 months

Q: So, how do you make sure I can speak Mandarin after the course?
A: Well, if you can’t speak Mandarin after the course, you can re-take the full course for FREE! BBC Beginner Course is the ONLY Mandarin course in Malaysia that offer FREE classes even after the course. BBC course structure, course materials and teaching method are very unique and it takes us few years to think about this idea. By using BBC method, every student can speak Mandarin in 6 months – 2 years time. Some students can pick up Mandarin faster and speak very well in 6 months, while some students take more than 12 months to speak fluently. Why? Because everyone is different. 

Biar lambat, asal pandai cakap Mandarin.

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Mandarin Class Klang

BBC Mandarin Class Klang ​

For teenagers & adults who have zero or little basic of Mandarin. The ONLY Mandarin course in Malaysia that guarantee you can speak Mandarin or you can re-take the full course for FREE!