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Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC

We want to help Malaysians to learn Mandarin language!​

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Why do we start to teach Mandarin in 2015? ​

There are 5 main reasons why we started teaching Mandarin in 2015.

1. Vincent was born in Indonesia and he had the opportunity to migrate to Malaysia for Mandarin education. That is exactly where he picked up his Mandarin, which has always been interesting language for Vincent.

2. Our experience in China, particularly in Guangzhou, made us realised that many Western people can speak Mandarin fluently and they can even crack a joke! Then we wondered why not Malaysians?

3. Malaysia demography – We have around 20% of Chinese population in Malaysia. Chinese can speak English, Malay and Mandarin. If more Malaysians can understand and speak Mandarin, this will definetely strengthen our bonding among multi-racial, multi-culture and multi-lingual country.

4. We cannot deny the importance of Mandarin nowadays. If you can master Mandarin, you have a competitive edge, which can be use in International business. In fact, Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world.

5. We have discovered super effective technique for you to speak fluent Mandarin! You will be able to speak accurately, understand the vocabulary and create your own sentence after the first class.

Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC Courses that we offer:

Corporate training

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For organizations who want their staff to be well-versed in Mandarin. The course is HRDF-claimable & MOF certificate. Class can be conducted in client’s office or BBC office. Optimum number of students 5 – 30 pax

Beginner Course

For teenager & adults who have zero or little basic of Mandarin. Students have to join first class of the new intake. We will start from the fundamental which is pronunciation and common vocabularies.

Mandarin Class

Children Class

For primary school students 6-12 years old who study in SK, SJKC, private, international school. Students can enjoy 1 complimentary trial class before joining. Fee is only RM150/month

Intermediate Course

For teenagers and adults who want to learn speaking, reading & writing Chinese characters. Students must be able to speak Mandarin to join this course

Online Course

For students who live outside Klang Valley or far from BBC branches. If you prefer to learn via online rather than classroom training. You will also get full support from BBC trainer