BBC Children Chinese Class

Education is the Best Gift for your Children!

Learning a new language widens our perspective, deepens our knowledge and changes the way we perceive the world.

The benefits of learning a new language go far beyond just communication.

It opens us up to new ideas and improves our brain performance.

It also helps children develop their emotional intelligence and boosts their academic performance.

BBC Children Chinese Class provides Mandarin lessons for students age 5 & above. We develop our own study materials specifically for children. 

Children language learning depends on variation, enjoyment, repetition and engagement. By making the learning seem more like play, we are able to sustain your children’s interest.

We provide authentic real-world exposure and knowledge, lots of practice and presentations and support all kinds of learning styles

Start early, start now. Help your child get ahead of the curve today! Book a FREE Lesson now to evaluate your child’s Mandarin level

Chinese Class 1

BBC Chinese class can help your children in aspect of 

1. Develop Accurate Hearing and Interpretation of Sounds
Learning tonal languages is easier for children, who are sensitive to the differences in sounds. The younger a child begins learning, the more accurately they can replicate these sounds. Furthermore, this familiarity with tones and sounds actually helps cultivate musical ability in children

2. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination
The act of writing Mandarin characters requires brush or pen strokes in multiple directions, with differentiating hand pressure

3. Stronger Math Skills
There is a scientific correlation between learning Mandarin and improved mathematical ability.

4. Better Interpretation of Symbols
Since Mandarin writing relies on thousands of character, learners of Mandarin Chinese have to read and interpret a vast number of visual symbols, activating more regions of the brain than English, which relies on a phonetic alphabet.

BBC Chinese Class involves learning language, sounds, drawing, and math all at once, it activates more regions of the brain and improves cognitive development overall, even in adults.

Mandarin speakers use more of their brain more of the time, English speakers who tend to alternate between left and right hemispheres. This more balanced brain could lead to greater overall creativity, enhanced problem-solving, and increased emotional intelligence.

With all these benefits for the mind and brain, BBC Chinese Class is sure to be an asset for their whole life, regardless of their eventual interests or profession!

Chinese Class 3

Learning outcomes : Your child will expand their vocabulary at every level and this will enable them to ready, write, listen and speak more effectively


Starting with listening to short conversations, children will progress to being able to understand simple Mandarin stories.


Starting with answering simple questions, children will progress towards expressing themselves fluently through speech.


Starting with learning how to read simple sentences, children will progress to being able to read longer texts from real world content.


Starting with spelling simple words, children will then progress to learning how to write short stories.

BBC Chinese Class unleash your children’s Mandarin language abilities through fun, motivating and confidence-building lessons using the interactive BBC study materials.

1. We will read, read and read with each child. We make it fun and engaging.

2. We give positive expectations or tips for each time you correct your child

3. We help children develop character and learn social and emotional skills

4. We teach students how to learn — students are taught what to learn in school.

5. Students will learn Mandarin Chinese character flashcard and colourful animation book

6. We switch up the practice routine by changing writing medium by using crayons and Chinese calligraphy

7. We apply rewards-based system to incentivize children when they do their homework.


Parents' reviews about BBC Chinese Class

”Sebelum anak saya join BBC, dia memang langsung tak tau Mandarin. Selepas belajar selama 6 bulan, mereka sudah pandai cakap Mandarin. Terima kasih banyak banyak kepada cikgu Minn. Dia sentiasa bersabar dan prihatin terhadap pelajar-pelajar. Saya sangat mengesyorkan ibu bapa untuk menghantar anak-anak mereka ke BBC.”

                                              – Puan Siti Aisyah, Shah Alam

“My kids have had an amazing experience so far and they continue to enjoy it even more as they continue to go up levels. They are always awaiting anxiously for their Mandarin lesson all week! I definitely made the right choice when I signed them up and I’m looking forward to signing up my little one soon.”                                                     

– Puan Farisha, Shah Alam

Our student’s parents are so proud that their children can speak, understand, read and write Chinese after joining BBC Chinese Class. Give your child the opportunity to learn Mandarin, that will give them an advantage in the future.