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About Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC

Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC is established in May 2015 under BBC Learning Hub Plt LLP0007993-LGN. Our company is approved training centre registered under Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). We have great interest in helping more people to master Mandarin and we specialise in teaching Mandarin language. Our trainers are qualified and trained native speakers who teach Standard Mandarin (Putonghua) using our own BBC syllabus.

Vision : To be the most respected provider of Mandarin language training services.

Mission : To help people to learn Mandarin language skills by providing high quality language instruction in an environment where everyone is respected, actively engaged in learning and oriented to achieving success.

Objectives : To provide high-quality intensive Mandarin language instruction to people who aim to learn Mandarin. Many students will come to learn Mandarin at BBC with little or no knowledge of Chinese, but they will be surprised to see, at the end of the program, how much Mandarin they have learned.

Meet the Course Creators

Vincent Ong

Master Trainer of BBC Beginner Course

He is born in Jakarta, Indonesia and migrated to Kedah, Malaysia since he is 6 years old to learn Mandarin in SJKC. He is always the top 3% student in his entire education journey but he never stop learning. After graduated and worked in accounting field for few years, he decided to pursue his passion which is to help non-Chinese to learn and speak Mandarin.

He is HRDF-certified trainer who is well-known for his unique teaching technique. He uses English, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese and other dialects to teach Mandarin. In just 3 years time, he has personally coached over 1500 students from Malaysia, Germany, US, UK, Columbia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Syria etc

Some of his students got better job opportunities with higher income, close new deals with Chinese clients and able to travel to Chinese speaking country without any worry. He has a lot of success teaching non-Chinese to understand and converse in Mandarin because he understands the mindset and difficulties of non-Chinese who want to speak Mandarin

Minn Eng

Principal & Master Trainer of Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC

She scores A1 in SPM Mandarin subject (only less than 5% students score A1 in Mandarin). She achieved distinguished results in HSK (Level 6) Examination – Percentile Rank 90% (Total Score: 254/300)

She has corporate experience in preparing, checking distributor contract and purchase agreement in Mandarin & English for Pioneer Centrifuge Sdn. Bhd. She also assisted in interpretation between China sub-contractor & Malaysia main-contractor for KVMRT Project, MMC-Gamuda JV Sdn. Bhd. 

She is also the main course creator for children program. She has helped many non-chinese children learn to speak good command of Mandarin from scratch and many of her students achieve flying colours in their Chinsese examinations.


Kimberly,BBC Lead Trainer in Shah Alam


Carlyn,BBC Lead Trainer in Petaling Jaya


Elaine,BBC Lead Trainer in Kuala Lumpur

learn mandarin

Alan,BBC Lead Trainer in Cyberjaya

learn mandarin
learn mandarin

Our satisfied corporate clients

BBC Students' Reviews


I have been learning Mandarin in BBC for 5 months now. I wrote this essay on my own without tutor’s help. I can confidently say that i am able to speak Mandarin fluently now. nevertheless, i will still keep improving! Jia you! I shared my personal experience about learning Mandarin in BBC through the essay below. Xie xie BBC. Ni shi zui hao de! If you have any queries, you can contact me personally via FB, click here =) 
-Nad, joined Shah Alam branch

“Vincent is one of the best trainer who know how to relate Mandarin to English very well. Initially i thought Mandarin would be very hard to learn, but after first class i immediately fall in love with Mandarin. Learn Mandarin is definitely easier than German, which is my mother tongue. I have learned a lot even after first class, I have learned pronunciation of the vowels and consonants, the different tones. I got taught numbers, including days, weeks and years as well as how to briefly do self introduction and greetings. Furthermore the sentence structure was explained as well as a couple of special rules. Xie xie ni, Vincent. Ni hen hao!”

 -Jan Phillip Warnke, from Germany, Director of FuelPlus
 -Mr Philip joined BBC VIP private class in Kuala Lumpur in October 2016

Thank you Vincent Ong for teaching and improving my Mandarin proficiency tremendously! The fees is very affordable compared to the real value which is worth 10x more than the fees. I can speak Mandarin confidently now even on public speaking. The best thing is the lifetime support, i still can ask for guidance anytime. Thank you BBC! Keep it up to help more people to learn Mandarin. Many people need your awesome service!

Bonny Ng, Managing Director of MIRACLE LIFE RESOURCES (SA0187515-D)

belajar bahasa mandarin

“Belajar Bahasa Mandarin di BBC telah menjadi salah satu perkara yang terbaik yang saya lakukan pada tahun ini. Syllabus yang sangat lengkap dan jadual kelas yang sangat fleksibel, jadi saya boleh pilih kelas yang sesuai untuk saya.”

Elcitah, joined in May 2015

belajar bahasa mandarin

“Saya ingin mengucapkan kepuasan saya dengan kursus BBC. Pada minggu ketiga, saya sudah dapat membina ayat dan mewujudkan perbualan dengan rakan sekerja. Melalui kursus ini saya menyedari bahawa ia tidak mustahil untuk orang dewasa untuk belajar bahasa cina. Terima kasih BBC!

Saiful, joined in May 2015

belajar bahasa mandarin

“Walaupun kami langsung tidak ada basic dalam Bahasa Mandarin, kami dapat cakap Mandarin lepas kursus BBC. Kami juga sangat menikmati proses pembelajaran yang disediakan di BBC. Kami ingin membuktikan kecekapa coach BBC, khususnya coach utama saya Vincent. Saya rasa coach BBC amat komited dengan proses pembelajaran kami. Tahniah! Semoga prestasi terus cemerlang!”

Illi & Haikan, joined in September 2015

belajar bahasa mandarin

Saya sangat kagum dengan teknik yang digunakan oleh cikgu Vincent, beliau boleh menghubungkan Mandarin dengan bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris. Ia membantu kami untuk belajar Mandarin dengan cekap dan berkesan. Dengan bantuan Vincent, saya boleh cakap Mandarin dengan fasih sekarang. Saya pasti akan mengesyorkan rakan saya untuk menyertai kursus BBC!

Hidayah, joined in September 2015