A Mandarin & English learning program featuring a Talking Pen that promotes comprehension & improves speaking fluency. This is fun learning experience based on everyday situations and common encounters that focuses on building key language skills:

1. Vocabulary
2. Grammar & Sentence patterns
3. Reading & Comprehension
4. Speaking & Pronunciation
5. Writing

The Talking Pen provides extensive read-aloud audio support that helps boost your language confidence. Adults & Children can practice independently at ease and in their own time. Simple, lightweight, fun – allows you to take the books and Talking Pen everywhere they go and share the fun learning experience with your friends

There are 2 types of Talking Pen:
1. Rabbit Talking Pen (RM1000) 

2. Brilliant Talking Pen (RM400) 

Brilliant Talking Pen has more books, more Quality & more games compared to Rabbit Talking Pen. Hence, we recommend you to purchase Brillant Talking Pen as it is more valuable and worthwhile. 

We offer FREE 1 year teacher’s online support (worth RM1200). If you not sure how to use this high technology talking pen, feel free to ask the teacher