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Why aren’t you joining BBC class yet?

Do you want to learn Mandarin communication for your work purpose, social life or personal development,etc.? Since you browse this webpage or already subscribed to our newsletter, I believe you will say “YES!

But why aren’t you joining BBC class or other centre yet?

Maybe there are something that hinder you from learning Mandarin?

Do you have to invest lots of money, time and effort to learn Mandarin?

The answer really depends on you!

1. Money – If you were to communicate Mandarin in your workplace, social life, relationship, etc for at least 10 years or more, then i think the benefits outweigh the cost. Because the knowledge will not expire, obsolete and for language, you do not have to relearn and update like IT, accounting, science knowledge. Do you agree?

2. Time – I know most of are too busy nowadays with unlimited things to do. But how about if I tell you that you can join our class once a week and you can speak Mandarin in 60 hours?! If Mandarin is important for you,i think it is okay to spare 2 hours per week for yourself to learn Mandarin.

3. Effort – It is understandable that some learners think Chinese is a difficult language to learn.Yes it is correct in terms of reading and writing Chinese characters, but for communication wise, Mandarin is easier to learn than English. Click here to read 11 reasons why Mandarin communication is easier than English!

Do you think you can start to learn Mandarin now? It is up to you to decide. All the best! =)

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