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How to speak fluent Mandarin?

How to speak fluent Mandarin?
How to speak fluent Mandarin?

If you ask “Can anyone manage to speak Mandarin in 60 hours?”

We will answer” Definitely Yes! Yes! Yes!”

After all, we know that Mandarin is not that hard compared to other languages. If you can understand and speak English (which I am writing now), we definitely believe that you can speak Mandarin if you have the right skill and right attitude.

What do we mean by skill?

The skill is the knowledge about Mandarin that you must possess. It includes pronunciation (cover in Topic 5 How to pronounce han yu pin yin). vocabulary and grammar (cover in Topic 6 Ways to understand vocabulary and grammar), and sentence structure (cover in Topic 7 How to construct correct sentence structure). By having this knowledge, you will master the skills of Mandarin communication.

Do you think you can speak Mandarin after you have possessed the skills? No can do! You need one more thing which is ATTITUDE!

Have you noticed why two students who are starting to learn at the same time, enrolling the same class and same tutor, but the results of both students are very different? Student A can speak Mandarin after 60 hours, but student B still unable to speak Mandarin after that.

Yes, this is our personal experience of our BBC students. Initially, we do not understand the reason behind. But after we have done our research and get students’ feedback. We began to understand now! Even we provide the same value and knowledge to all our students, each student has different set of attitude! Some students are hardworking and never skip the classes but they are too shy to speak Mandarin! Some students may skip the classes as they have things to do at that time, but they still do BBC workbook and take time to learn Mandarin at home!

Attitude is very important in everything we do, that is why if you add up each single letter of  A + T + T + I + T + U + D + E , it is equal to 100% which is full marks, whereby A = 1%, E = 5%, Z = 26% and  so on.

In the class, we share all the knowledge and skills to master Mandarin, in fact, we also motivate the student in class. But the ugly truth is we can’t shape and change students’ attitude easily, it takes lots of time and effort to shape good attitude.

If you have good attitude, you can surely master Mandarin sooner or later, we can guarantee you can speak Mandarin in 60 hours! So, next time we can offer money back guarantee, but only limited to students who has good attitude!

In summary, good attitude means willing to put effort and invest time, perseverance, hardworking, courage to speak out and do what it takes to master Mandarin!

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