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How to pronounce Han Yu Pin Yin?

How to pronounce han yu pin yin?
How to pronounce han yu pin yin?

Han yu means Chinese (Mandarin) while pin yin means spelling.

We have discovered that there are only 3 main steps to master Mandarin communication.

STEP 1. Pronunciation

STEP 2. Vocabulary + Grammar

STEP 3. Sentence structure

Let’s us start with the first step: Pronunciation

Please refer to the pictures below which are the screenshot from our best selling book “COMPLETE SYLLABUS FOR BEGINNERS”. It took us around 10 months to publish the book and it is prepared exclusively for our students to learn Mandarin communication. 

You might be wondering how can I learn the pronunciation by just reading on the explanation. You are absolutely brilliant, that is why we have prepared the video and audio files for every page of the book. However, we can’t send or attach the video and audio files. If you are interested, you can get it now at 90% discounts (Offer for limited time only). More info:

In summary, there are 3 components for han yu pin yin, which are:
1. Vowels (5+1)

2. Tones (4+1)

3. Consonants (21)

You can read our explanation below on how to pronounce the han yu pin yin.

Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7

We can combine all 6 vowels & 21 consonants to generate all the possible combinations for Mandarin words. You can practice with 1st tone, 2nd tone, 3rd tone and then 4th tone.
Below is the complete list of Mandarin words. It is only 1 page, not so much right?
We have all the pronunciation in BBCPackage

Let’s practice pronunciation now!

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Which is the pronunciation that you find it’s a bit hard to pronounce? 
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