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How to memorise the vocabulary?

How to memorise the vocabulary?

After you have learned the pronunciation, here is the second step which is to understand and memorise the vocabulary. People always complain that they will forget the vocabulary easily after few days or weeks. 

Therefore, we will encourage students to understand first, rather than just memorising blindly which you may forget sooner or later. If you understandfirst then only memorise the vocabulary, you will not forget the vocabulary easily.

The best thing about Mandarin vocabulary is that the vocabulary is very logical and straight forward compared to English.

We take these two vocabularies for instance: Computer 电脑 diàn nǎo,Handphone 电话 diàn huà

These two words have the same first word. 电 diàn means electric.

脑nǎo = brain. 电脑diàn nǎo literally direct translate means “electric brain”. It actually means computer.

话huà = talk. 电话diàn huà literally direct translate means “electric talk”. It actually means telephone.

There are many more examples like this! There are actually many ways to understand the vocabulary where you can link to your personal story, brainstorming and use imagination. We will explain more of this in class.

Do you know that once you have around 1000 vocabulary in your mind, you should be able to speak Mandarin fluently !

Do you still remember what we have shared about Mandarin grammar previously? Yes, the grammar is super easy! For instance, 了 le, means already (past tense). 着 zhe means ing (present tense). These two words should be right after the verb.

Do you have any vocabulary that is hard to memorise or understand? Share with us in comment below and we will help you!

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