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How to get started in learning Mandarin?

how to get started in learning Mandarin
How to get started in learning Mandarin

Some people are not very sure how to get started in learning Mandarin. Generally, we can summarise into three options for you:

First option is Do It Yourself (DIY). You can buy a Mandarin book and read it on your own. You can also download some mobile apps to enhance learning experience. Of course, you need to take more time and effort by learning on your own as no one is there to help you when you have any question. You will have to be very committed in taking the initiative to learn everyday, this is about attitude and we know that most of us may not be very committed to practice everyday. In our opinion, this option is not viable unless you are a very committed person that will invest time everyday in learning Mandarin on your own. If you are interested to get our book, audio, video files, and online lifetime support. You can access to to order our bbcpackage which comprise of book, audio, video and online lifetime support!

Second option is to ask your friends to teach you Mandarin. If you have good Chinese friend, you can try to ask for his or her favour, in return you can reward your friend something that they want. Most important criteria to look for is someone who can teach you proper and accurate Mandarin words. We should always learn the correct way instead of incorrect way right? In our opinion, if you have such friend who is very good in Mandarin and he or she can teach you proper and accurate Mandarin words, you should really go for it. You also have to make sure your friend can help you until you are able to speak fluent Mandarin!

Third option is to attend the class from an established Mandarin centre. If you found a Mandarin centre nearby your home and they can offer quality Mandarin class, you should join the class because it is convenient for you to go to the class and you will learn the systematic way as well. If you are staying in Klang Valley or Melaka area, i strongly urge you to join BBC class. We can almost guarantee you that if you have the right attitude, all you need is the right skills and knowledge that we will be sharing in class, then you are able to speak Mandarin in 60 hours.

All the best in your learning Mandarin journey! Remember the best investment that pays best interest is to invest in yourself. Once you already master Mandarin, you can’t unlearn it and you will be speaking Mandarin for your lifetime, and we know that it is worth your time and effort to learn it.

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