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Adult Mandarin Communication Course


This course is designed for students who have no or little basic knowledge in Mandarin. This practical course aims to develop your Mandarin language from Zero or Beginner to Intermediate Level.

Learning outcome: Able to understand and communicate at least 80% in Mandarin after 12 months course or we offer next 6 months class for FREE (only for students who join 12 months complete course)

Class size: Around 15 students   

Class duration: 2 hours/class

Age range: 15 years old and above

We believe the first step toward teaching students to speak a language well is understanding proficiency. Great language teachers comprehend proficiency levels and teach their students about them. Once proficiency is the central focus in the classroom, grammar no longer reigns -- communication does. We spend time in the classroom on all modes of communication -- interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational. If the teacher is always speaking, the students are not. For students to achieve the communicative practice they need, the solution is simple: The less the teacher speaks, the more students do and this is how we conduct BBC class. We hope to see you in BBC class very soon!

Which language centre you should join? 

1. Choose language centre that is convenient to you because you have to go there at least once a week

2. Choose language centre that offers affordable fee and flexible schedule so you won't miss a class if you can't attend the particular class.

3. Choose language centre that only specialise in teaching Mandarin. If a centre is offering many languages, it means that is not specialised in Mandarin, but they specialise in languages.

4. Choose Mandarin language centre that is managed by the owner himself. If the centre is only managed by tutors but not the owner himself, the teaching quality, syllabus, students' progress may not be monitored or improved.

5. Choose Mandarin language centre that developed study materials (book, audio and video files) for their programmes in-house and not the centre that refer other books from any bookstore. If the centre has the methods, skills and knowledge to teach Mandarin, why don't they develop their own study materials?

6. Choose Mandarin language centre that offer long term classes. The reality is you cannot learn Mandarin the way you cook instant noodles. There are no shortcut programmes- those three-day or three-week intensive programmes do not work. We have to be realistic. Language acquisition requires time and effort. It is a long process. It is not like learning a management model or a skill.

7. Choose Mandarin language centre that offers free classes if you can't pick up Mandarin language within period of time. If the centre is very confident in the way they teach Mandarin, they should offer this benefit, so that the fees you paid are worthwhile. What if there is a Mandarin language centre that offer you FREE 6 months class?

8. Choose Mandarin language centre that offers lifetime support benefit. Is the centre willing to help you with your queries about Mandarin after you have completed the course?

9. Choose Mandarin language centre that can shorten your learning curve. Most language centre will tell students that they need to learn around 2 years or 300 hours to be able to speak fluently. What if there is a Mandarin language centre that can help you to master Mandarin communication in 60 hours only?

10. Choose Mandarin language centre that has proven and effective ways of learning Mandarin. Check and monitor how is their students' progress, improvement and results after learning Mandarin.

Why choose BBC course?


We have proven and effective ways of learning Mandarin. We can shorten your learning curve with our super effective method so that you can speak fluent Mandarin in 12 months or we offer next 6 months class for FREE!


We developed study materials  in-house. Since 2015, we have successfully helped over 500 students to master Mandarin. Our students' improvement and results are the main reason we are top choice for Mandarin class.


All BBC trainers are university graduates from highly reputable institutions and have had significant working experience in the instruction of Mandarin to non-Chinese and foreigners.

flexible (1)

We offer flexible schedules for our students, so that you will not miss any class. You can join other class and branch as replacement class. We do offer long term class so that you can really master Mandarin.


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Proficient in Mandarin will help in your social life, workplace and business. We believe education should be made possible to everyone and this is why our fee is affordable.


We offer lifetime support benefit even after you have completed the course. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and you can ask for full refund within one week if you think the class is not suitable to you.

What are the topics that you will be learning?

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture  1: Overview
Lecture  2: Pronunication
Lecture  3: Sentence structure
Exercise 1:

Section 2: Self-introduction 
Lecture  4: Greeting
Lecture  5: Pronoun
Lecture  6: Self - introduction
Exercise 2:

Section 3: Vocabulary 
Lecture  7: Power words
Lecture  8: Conjunctions
Lecture  9: Questions
Exercise 3:

Section 4: Numbers
Lecture 10: Numbers
Lecture 11: Time
Lecture 12: Money
Exercise 4:

Section 5: Calendar
Lecture 13: Date
Lecture 14: Calendar
Lecture 15: Festival
Exercise 5:

Section 6: Activities
Lecture 16: Verb
Lecture 17: Hobby
Exercise 6:

Section 7: Adjective
Lecture 18: Adjective
Lecture 19: Mood
Exercise 7:

Section 8: People
Lecture 20: Family members
Lecture 21: Friends
Exercise 8:

Section 9: Restaurant
Lecture 22: Food
Lecture 23: Beverage
Lecture 24: Utensil
Lecture 25: Taste
Exercise 9:

Section 10: Things
Lecture  26: Colour
Lecture  27: Things at home
Exercise 10:

Section 11: Shopping
Lecture  28: Shopping centre
Lecture  29: Bargain
Exercise 11:

Section 12: Travelling
Lecture  30: Transportation
Lecture  31: Direction
Lecture  32: Travelling
Exercise 12:

Section 13: Places
Lecture  33: Country
Lecture  34: Place
Exercise 13:

Section 14: Workplace
Lecture  35: Occupation
Lecture  36: Interview
Lecture  37: Colleague
Exercise 14:

Section 15: Busines
Lecture 38: Trade
Lecture 39: Finance
Exercise 15:

You will receive all these on the first class

Mandarin communication course


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