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BBC Mandarin Communication Course is the ONLY Mandarin course in Malaysia that guarantee you can speak fluent Mandarin or you can re-take the course for FREE! This course primarily focuses on understanding and speaking Mandarin. We have successfully developed a unique teaching system that will help you understand 85% of Mandarin in 12 months. You will see that you will ‘fall in love’ with Mandarin communication from the first class and be more confident to speak Mandarin to anyone, anytime and anywhere. In this course, you will learn:

– To understand 85% of Mandarin and start a conversation about practically anything

– How to understand and memorize 5,000+ of the most essential vocabulary and 1,000+ phrases that we commonly use

– How to read and write correct pinyin that will turn into correct Mandarin characters when you type it in a computer/handphone

– Useful insights into Chinese culture and ‘mindset’

1. Who should take this course?

This course is designed for teenagers and adults who have no basic or some basic knowledge of Mandarin. No previous knowledge is required. This course is suitable for:

– Those who are doing international business – Most companies prefer to hire people who can speak more than one language. China has become a huge market, and business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context. China play a major role in world affairs. 

– Those who want to have competitive edge in workplaceKnowing Mandarin will give you an edge when competing for an important position. Do you know that employer will usually choose the candidates who can speak Mandarin? Yes it is true, even some companies are willing to pay up additional RM1,000 salary to employees who can speak Mandarin.

– Those who want to make friends with different cultures – Do you know that one fifth of the planet speaks Chinese? In addition to the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Mandarin Chinese is also spoken in the important and influential Chinese communities of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Mongolia.

– Those who want to gain new knowledge and to improve brain power – We know we need to keep our brains well oiled and studies have shown that Mandarin speakers use both sides of their brains! This will certainly keep brains motoring.

– Those who want to have stronger bonding among Malaysians – As we know Malaysia has 4 main languages which are Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil. If Chinese can speak English, Malay and Mandarin, why not non-chinese can speak Mandarin as well? Therefore, let us Belajar Bahasa Cina together and create stronger bonding among Malaysians!

p/s: If you have learned Mandarin at other centers and still not able to speak fluent Mandarin, this will be the last time for you to learn Mandarin communication. We guarantee you can speak fluent Mandarin after this course or you can re-take the course for FREE.
p/s: This course is NOT SUITABLE for those who already can speak fluent Mandarin, if you can already speak fluent Mandarin, you can join BBC Reading & Writing course.

2. What knowledge & tools are required for me to take the course?

Students must be able to understand basic English in order to join the class. It would be better if students understand Malay as well, but it is not compulsory. The medium of communication in class is mainly English and sometimes Malay (whichever is easier for students to understand). In the first class, students will start speaking Mandarin already!

3. How do you conduct the class?

This 6-month course comprises of:

– 24 weeks of classroom training conducted in our offices: 
Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya. We have lectures, tutorials, quizzes, group discussions and presentations in every class. Sometimes, we will also sing Mandarin songs.

– 24 weeks of VIP one-to-one online training conducted via whatsapp. Students have to submit the homework (>200 words essay) and send audio files via WhatsApp. The teacher will then inform the student where to take note and which corrections are to be made. The teacher will provide constructive feedback on the student’s strength and weakness.

– 24 weeks of self-learning from BBC exercises, audio & video files. We have audio files and video files for every page of BBC course book. On top of that, we have extra exercises, song lyrics with English subtitles, common conversation in BBC dropbox. 

We believe that the first step towards teaching students to speak a language well is understanding proficiency. Great language teachers comprehend proficiency levels and teach their students about them. Once proficiency is the central focus of the classroom, grammar no longer reigns — communication does. We spend time in the classroom on all modes of communication — interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational. If the teacher is always speaking, the students are then not speaking. For students to achieve the communicative practice they need, the solution is simple: The less the teacher speaks, the more students do, and this is how we conduct BBC classes. We hope to see you in BBC class!

4. Are there any requirements to join BBC course?

After joining the class, all students are encouraged and required to speak Mandarin everyday. If you have no friends or colleagues to practice with, you can always send a WhatsApp voice message to BBC teachers. It is also important for students to do the homework given in every class. Students have to submit the homework and send voice messages to their BBC teacher every week. This will improve spoken Chinese significantly as BBC teachers will help you to start with using what you have learnt.

5. What is the curriculum?

In this 6-month course, you will learn all these topics:

Lecture  1: Overview – What are the strategies, rules and concept in learning Chinese communication

Lecture  2: Pronunication – How to pronounce 6 vowels, 5 tones and 21 consonants accurately even on your first class

Lecture  3: Sentence structure – How to construct sentence structure easily by using BBC one and only formula – STPAD

Lecture  4: Greeting – How to greet and start a conversation with anyone you meet

Lecture  5: Pronoun & Demonstrative – How to speak complete sentences even with limited vocabulary

Lecture  6: Self – introduction – Learn to introduce yourself (name, age, location, etc)

Lecture  7: Power words – Useful and common words that you will use for almost all sentences

Lecture  8: Conjunction – Learn how to combine words, phrases and sentences

Lecture  9: Questions – How to ask question (5W1H) and answer easily by using our formula

Lecture 10: Numbers – Learn to say 0 to 1 million in just 10 minutes, phone number, mathematics symbols, etc

Lecture 11: Time – Learn to ask the time, when do you wake up, work, eat, sleep, etc

Lecture 12: Money – Learn about currency, asking price, bargain, various payment methods, etc

Lecture 13: Date – Learn to ask the date, date of birth (year, month, date), make appointment, etc

Lecture 14: Calendar – Learn to say what happen this year, 2 weeks ago, day after tomorrow, last month, etc

Lecture 15: Festival – Learn about Malaysia important festivals and how to celebrate them

Lecture 16: Verb – Learn the common verbs by literally doing the actions 

Lecture 17: Hobby – Share your hobby, interest and what you are you passionate about

Lecture 18: Adjective – How to describe the appearance, attitude, things, etc 

Lecture 19: Mood – How do you say your feelings toward something or someone

Lecture 20: Family members – Who are your family members, how do you address people in Chinese

Lecture 21: Friends – What do you like to do with your friends? Why do you like your friends?

Lecture 22: Food – How to order food that you want in restaurant

Lecture 23: Beverage –  How to order beverage (less ice, more sugar, upsize, etc)

Lecture 24: Utensil – How to ask the waiter if you need any help, how to ask for utensils

Lecture 25: Taste – Learn to describe the taste, how to ask for seasoning (chili sauce, sugar, salt, etc)

Lecture 26: Colour – Learn to say 12 common colours and your favourite colour for something

Lecture 27: Things at home – Learn to say the big items or furniture in your home (room, bathroom, kitchen)

Lecture 28: Shopping centre – Learn the conversation that you will use during shopping

Lecture 29: Bargain – How to get the best deal by asking for discounts

Lecture 30: Transportation – Learn different modes of transportation that you will use to go somewhere

Lecture 31: Direction – Learn to ask for directions (NSEW, behind, in  front, left, right, etc)  

Lecture 32: Travelling – Share your travelling experience, how to book hotel, air ticket, etc

Lecture 33: Country – Learn the major countries in the world, share about the countries you have visited

Lecture 34: Place – Learn the important places that you will go everyday

Lecture 35: Occupation – How to share about your work and workplace.

Lecture 36: Interview – Learn about the typical conversations during interview

Lecture 37: Colleague – Who are your colleagues? How do you liaise with them?

Final examination

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