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Can you speak fluent Mandarin in 60 hours?

Can you speak fluent Mandarin in 60 hours?

Some people think we are giving #fakepromise by having the slogan of “U Can Speak Mandarin in 60 hours”. You may think it is exaggerating and impossible. But let us tell you that…
#IMPOSSIBLE or #POSSIBLE is actually depends on you.
What is your strategy and way to learn Mandarin? Who do you learn with? How do you practice? How much effort do you put into learning Mandarin?
We created this slogan because we have students who really can speak fluent Mandarin in 60 hours! In fact, we have one VIP student who is able to speak after 15 hours from scratch! Believe it or not?!
Of course, there are students who take longer than 60 hours to speak fluent Mandarin. It is because everyone is different! You may be good in languages, he may be good in Maths, she may be good in cooking, you see, everyone got different talent and mindset.
When we say “U Can Speak Mandarin in 60 hours”, it is about 8 months for 2 hours class per week, you need to do homework, practice speaking Mandarin everyday or call us anytime to practice speaking.
Even if you take longer than 8 months, it should be okay. Because we offer 6 months class for FREE if you are not able to speak fluent Mandarin in 12 months. So, you have maximum one and half year to be fluent in Mandarin.
The worst case scenario if you still not fluent in Mandarin after one and half year, you surely can reach 50% proficiency. This is based on our experience.
If you still think one and half year is #fakepromise, then you can take 3-10 years to be fluent. But not everyone has the patient and commitment to learn for such a long period. Almost everyone is busy with their work, family, etc. We can’t expect and hope everyone to be with us for 3-10 years. Do you want?
That is why our students take 6-12 months to be fluent in Mandarin or maximum one and half year. We want our students to be 100% committed in learning Mandarin during this period. Once you reached 80% proficiency level, it is unlikely for you to forget how to speak Mandarin totally. 
So how we make sure our students are able to speak Mandarin in 60 hours?

We make sure all students know about 3 golden steps to learn Mandarin communication:
Step 1: Pronunciation
Step 2: Vocabulary
Step 3: Sentence Structure.

(If you want to know in details, click here to read more tips)

Usually students are able to pronounce 80% accurately after first or second class using our method.

After that, for every class we will teach on new vocabulary and how to apply the vocabulary to make sentences. We will link Mandarin to Malay and English, so that you will not learn from scratch.

The truth is Mandarin communication is like combination of Malay and English. It is actually easier than English. We will use lots of activities to motivate you to speak Mandarin in class.

We have total of 15 topics and we learn 1 topic for each class of 2 hours. In total it take 30 hours to complete our syllabus. But we know that language needs more practice. So we will revise whole book again for second time which makes our course total of 60 hours.

If you still doubt on our systematic way of learning, please join our class to experience yourself =)
Can you speak fluent Mandarin in 60 hours? What do you think? Let us know in comment below!

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