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BBC Beginner Conversational Course

The Easiest & Smartest Way to Learn Conversational Mandarin Chinese

1. What is BBC Beginner Conversational Course?

This course is designed especially for teenagers and adults who have zero or little basic of Mandarin. It is the ONLY Mandarin course in Malaysia that guarantee you can speak fluent Mandarin in 1 year or you can re-take the whole course 1 year for FREE! This course primarily focuses on understanding and speaking Mandarin (we’ll will learn pin yin, not Chinese characters)

We have successfully developed a unique teaching system that will help you understand and converse in Mandarin. You will see that you will ‘fall in love’ with Mandarin from the first class and be more confident to speak Mandarin to anyone, anytime and anywhere. 

In this course, you will learn:

– To understand 85% of Mandarin and start a conversation about practically anything

– How to understand and memorize 4,000+ of the most essential vocabulary and 1,000+ phrases that we commonly use

– How to read and write correct pinyin that will turn into correct Mandarin characters when you type it in a computer/handphone

– Useful insights into Chinese culture and ‘mindset’

Learning outcome:

After 3 months, students should be able to speak around 15% in Mandarin.

After 6 months, students should be able to speak around 50% in Mandarin.

After 12 months, students should be able to speak around 85% in Mandarin.

 Our greatest satisfaction is to be able to help every BBC student speak fluent Mandarin!

2. Are there any requirements to join BBC course?

Students must be able to understand basic English in order to join the class. It would be better if students understand Malay as well, but it is not compulsory. Somehow Malay is quite similar to Mandarin in terms of sentence structure and pronunciation. The medium of communication in class is mainly English and sometimes Malay (whichever is easier for students to understand).

After joining the class, all students must speak Mandarin everyday. If you have no friends or colleagues to practice with, you can always send a WhatsApp voice message to BBC teachers. It is also important for students to do the homework given in every class. Students have to submit the homework and send voice messages to their BBC teacher every week. This will improve spoken Mandarin significantly as BBC teachers will help you to start with using what you have learnt.

3. How do you conduct the course?

We believe that the first step towards teaching students to speak a language well is understanding proficiency. Great language teachers comprehend proficiency levels and teach their students about them. Once proficiency is the central focus of the classroom, grammar no longer reigns — communication does. To make this course comprehensive and effective, we have three main components, which are: 

belajar bahasa mandarin

spend time in classroom on all modes of communication — interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational. If the teacher is always speaking, the students are then not speaking. For students to achieve the communicative practice they need, the solution is simple: The less the teacher speaks, the more students do, and this is how we conduct BBC classes.

2. ONLINE TRAINING (~ 1 hour)
Conducted via whatsapp/skype. After attending classroom training, students have to submit >100 pin yin essay based on what they learned in class and send audio files via WhatsApp. The teacher will provide constructive feedback on the student’s strength and weakness. After that, students have to make the correction and send another audio file.

3. BBC STUDY MATERIALS (15min/day)
There are exercises, song lyrics, dialogues, audio, video files for every page of BBC book in BBC Dropbox. In order to speak fluent Mandarin, it is crucial for students to speak Mandarin everyday. If there is no one can speak Mandarin with you, you always can call/whatsapp/skype BBC tutor anytime. We are here to help you speak Mandarin.

4. What is the course materials?


The best way to learn Mandarin is through common dialogues. In every class, teacher will explain the meaning of each word, phrase, similarities and differences among Mandarin, Malay and English. We want our students to understand first before memorise, so that you can remember it forever. For your information, it is actually not effective to learn a new language just by memorising the vocabulary from dictionary, because the sentence structure is different for every language and you will not understand the meaning of whole sentence. Below are 4 main course books that we will be using in the course. These books focus more on conversational and practical dialogues that you will be speaking everyday in workplace, class, restaurant, market, during travelling, with family & friends, etc. It will take 3 months to complete each of this book. Here are the topics of conversation that we will be learning in class:

Here is the example of dialogue (taken from Topic 9 Meeting 开会kāi huì)

A: Good news! We just closed a big project.
hǎo xiāo xī! wǒ men gāng jiē dào yī gè dà gōng chéng.

B: Awesome! Who should in charge in this project?
tài hǎo le! shúi yīng gāi fù zé wán chéng zhè ge gōng chéng ne?

A: I think it can’t be done by one person. We need at least 5 persons.
wǒ xiǎng yī gè rén shì zuò bù wán de. wǒ men zhì shǎo xū yào wǔ gè rén.

B :Okay, boss. Do we need to discuss in a meeting?

hǎo de, lǎo bǎn. wǒ men yào kāi huì tǎo lùn ma?

A: Good idea! Call all staff to come meeting.
hǎo zhǔ yì! jiào suǒ yǒu de yuán gōng lái kāi huì.

B: Okay, what time are you free?
hǎo de, nǐ jǐ diǎn yǒu kòng?

A: Around 5 pm.
dà gài xià wǔ wǔ diǎn.

B: Okay, I will prepare.
hǎo, wǒ huì zhǔn bèi de.

A: Hello, Mr Lee. Sorry, I think we postpone the meeting to tomorrow 10am. Because I can’t make it to the office. 
wéi, lǐ xiān shēng. bù hǎo yì si, wǒ jué dé huì yì yán chí dào míng tiān zǎo shang shí diǎn ba! yīn wèi wǒ lái bu jí huí bàn gōng shì.

B: Okay boss, no problem. I will inform them. 
hǎo de lǎo bǎn, méi wèn tí. wǒ huì tōng zhī tā men.

Please practice the above dialogue. 
qǐng liàn xí yǐ shàng duì huà.

1. List out 5 new phrases learned

2. Do you know how to solve the issue?

3. Please take care yourself.

**We know that this dialogue looks difficult now, but fret not, we are here to help you to understand and converse in Mandarin.
We will explain the meaning of each word, phrase, similarities and differences among Mandarin, Malay and English. 

As you know that something new in life will always be difficult, but when you practice more everyday, it will become easy. Practice makes perfect!

2. COMPLETE SYLLABUS FOR BEGINNER - dictionary for common vocabulary. Limited edition, already stop printing

There are total of 37 sections in this book
1: Overview – Rules and concept in Chinese 
2: Pronunciation – 6 vowels, 5 tones, 21 consonants 
3: Sentence structure – using BBC  formula – STPAD
4: Greeting – How to greet anyone you meet
5: Pronouns & Demonstrative – Simple sentences
6: Self – introduction –name, age, location, etc
7: Power words – Useful and common words
8: Conjunction – Combine words, phrases
9: Questions – How to ask question and answer
10: Numbers – Learn to say 0 to 1 million 
11: Time – Learn to ask the time, hour, minute

12: Money – Currency, asking price, bargain
13: Date – Birthday , make appointment
14: Calendar – Year, month, date
15: Festival –Malaysia important festivals
16: Verb – Learn the common verbs 
17: Hobby – Share your hobby, interest 
18: Adjective – Describe the appearance, things
19: Mood – Express feelings to something or someone
20: Family members – How do you address people
21: Friends – What do you like to do with friends
22: Food – Order food that you want in restaurant
23: Beverage – Order beverage, less ice, more sugar
24: Utensil – Ask waiter for help, utensils, seasoning 
25: Taste – Describe the taste that you like or dislike
26: Colour – Favourite colour for something
27: Things at home – Big items or furniture in your home 
28: Shopping centre – Conversation during shopping
29: Bargain – Get best deal by asking for discounts
30: Transportation –Different modes of transportation 
31: Direction – NSEW, behind, in front, left, right
32: Travelling – Share your travelling experience
33: Country –Major countries, countries you have visited
34: Place – Important places that you will go everyday
35: Occupation – Share about your work and workplace
36: Interview – Typical conversations during interview
37: Colleague – How to liase and work together

3. AUDIO & VIDEO FILES BASED ON BBC BOOK. Total duration more than 1000 minutes. Here are the examples:

5. Be a BBC student & start to speak Mandarin right in the first class!

6. BBC corporate clients and students' reviews

7. BBC students are featured in newspaper

belajar bahasa cina bbc

8. When is the new semester?

BBC Learning Hub Plt is HRDF- certified training company
p/s: 1 semester = 12 weeks

9. How much is the investment?

Package A: 4 semesters full course


– 48 Weeks of Classroom Training

– 48 Weeks of Online Training

– 4 BBC Main Course Books

– 4 Examinations

– Complete Syllabus for Beginner Book

– BBC Dropbox (Audio & Video files)

– Lifetime Support via Whatsapp 

– Certificate of Achievement

– Students can re-take the full course for FREE  after joining 4 semesters if students want to do revision. 

Learning outcome:

After 4 semesters, students will able to speak around 85% of Mandarin  

Package A RM2100 nett

Package B: 2 semesters + FREE 1 semester


– 24 + 12 Weeks of Classroom Training

– 24 + 12 Weeks of Online Training

– 2 + 1 BBC Main Course Books

– 2 + 1 Examinations

– Complete Syllabus for Beginner Book

– BBC Dropbox (Audio & Video files)

– Lifetime Support via Whatsapp 

– Certificate of Achievement

– Students can re-take the full course for FREE  after joining 4 semesters if students want to do revision.

Learning outcome:

After 2+1 semesters, students will able to speak around 50% of Mandarin.

Package B RM1400 nett

Package C: 1 semester


– 12 Weeks of Classroom Training

– 12 Weeks of Online Training

– 1 BBC Main Course Book

– 1 Examination 

– Complete Syllabus for Beginner Book

– BBC Dropbox (Audio & Video files)

– Lifetime Support via Whatsapp 

– Students can re-take the full course for FREE  after joining 4 semesters if students want to do revision.

Learning outcome:

After 1 semester, students will be able to speak around 15% of Mandarin

Package C RM700 nett

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