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9 Ways to Speak Fluent Mandarin Chinese

9 Ways to Speak Fluent Mandarin Chinese 1. Get the Right Material It is crucial that you have the right book to learn Mandarin. By having the right material, you can cut short your learning curve as you don’t have to spend extra time looking for right content. The right book should have all the important contents that you need. So that you do not need to spend unnecessary time to look for other books. If … Read more9 Ways to Speak Fluent Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin and Chinese Dialects

“Which language or dialect should i learn?” We received this question almost everyday. So, here is our answer to you guys. On 31st October 2000, the Law of Universal Language and Character of the People’s Republic of China came into force, which stipulates Mandarin as China’s universal national language. While Mandarin is spoken in distinctive dialects throughout China, standard Mandarin is mostly influenced by the Northern Beijing dialect. This is similar to how standard American English … Read moreMandarin and Chinese Dialects