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How to memorise the vocabulary?

How to memorise the vocabulary

After you have learned the pronunciation, here is the second step which is to understand and memorise the vocabulary. People always complain that they will forget the vocabulary easily after few days or weeks.  Therefore, we will encourage students to understand first, rather than just memorising blindly which you may forget sooner or later. If you understandfirst then only memorise the vocabulary, you will not forget the vocabulary easily. The best thing about Mandarin vocabulary is that … Read moreHow to memorise the vocabulary?

How to speak fluent Mandarin?

If you ask “Can anyone manage to speak Mandarin in 60 hours?” We will answer” Definitely Yes! Yes! Yes!” After all, we know that Mandarin is not that hard compared to other languages. If you can understand and speak English (which I am writing now), we definitely believe that you can speak Mandarin if you have the right skill and right attitude. What do we mean by skill? The skill is the knowledge about Mandarin … Read moreHow to speak fluent Mandarin?

Is Mandarin hard or easy?

In order to answer whether Mandarin is easy or hard? We have to compare Mandarin language to other languages in the world. Every language has its own unique features that might be regarded as hard or troublesome in some way, but we believe that focusing on these problems is counterproductive for language learning. If you want to learn something, you want to become friends with it, you don’t want to regard it as an unbeatable … Read moreIs Mandarin hard or easy?