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Which language centre you should join? 

Here are the Top 10 factors that you should consider before joining.

1. Choose language centre that is convenient to you because you have to go there at least once a week

2. Choose language centre that offers affordable fee and flexible schedule so you won't miss a class if you can't attend the particular class.

3. Choose language centre that only specialise in teaching Mandarin. If a centre is offering many languages, it means that is not specialised in Mandarin, but they specialise in languages.

4. Choose Mandarin language centre that is managed by the owner himself. If the centre is only managed by tutors but not the owner himself, the teaching quality, syllabus, students' progress may not be monitored or improved.

5. Choose Mandarin language centre that developed study materials (book, audio and video files) for their programmes in-house and not the centre that refer other books from any bookstore. If the centre has the methods, skills and knowledge to teach Mandarin, why don't they develop their own study materials?

6. Choose Mandarin language centre that offer long term classes. The reality is you cannot learn Mandarin the way you cook instant noodles. There are no shortcut programmes- those three-day or three-week intensive programmes do not work. We have to be realistic. Language acquisition requires time and effort. It is a long process. It is not like learning a management model or a skill.

7. Choose Mandarin language centre that offers free classes if you can't pick up Mandarin language within period of time. If the centre is very confident in the way they teach Mandarin, they should offer this benefit, so that the fees you paid are worthwhile. What if there is a Mandarin language centre that offer you FREE 6 months class?

8. Choose Mandarin language centre that offers lifetime support benefit. Is the centre willing to help you with your queries about Mandarin after you have finished the course?

9. Choose Mandarin language centre that can shorten your learning curve. Most language centre will tell students that they need to learn around 2 years or 200 hours to be able to speak fluently. What if there is a Mandarin language centre that can help you to master Mandarin communication in 60 hours only?

10. Choose Mandarin language centre that has proven and effective ways of learning Mandarin. Check and see how is their students' progress, improvement and results after learning Mandarin.

Why choose Belajar Bahasa Cina as your Mandarin language centre?

Currently Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC is the only Mandarin language centre in Malaysia that fulfill all these 10 factors that you have been looking for. Still worry that you can't speak Mandarin after the course? Fret not, we offer 6 months class for FREE if students can't speak fluent Mandarin after 12 months course. Hence, your investment will definitely worthwhile and achieve the results that you always wanted. Below are some of our video testimonials:

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